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The Induction Tutor

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My Story

  • The induction tutor (or the headteacher/principal if carrying out this role) is expected to:

  • provide, or coordinate, guidance for the ECT’s professional development (with the appropriate body where necessary);

  • carry out regular progress reviews throughout the induction period;

  • undertake two formal assessment meetings during the total induction period coordinating input from other colleagues as appropriate (normally one at the end of term three and one at the end of term six, or pro rata for part-time staff);

  • carry out progress reviews in terms where a formal assessment does not occur;

  • inform the ECT following progress review meetings of the determination of their progress against the Teachers’ Standards and share progress review records with the ECT, headteacher and appropriate body;

  • inform the ECT during the assessment meeting of the judgements to be recorded in the formal assessment record and invite the ECT to add their comments;

  • ensure that the ECT’s teaching is observed and feedback provided;

  • ensure ECTs are aware of how, both within and outside the institution, they can raise any concerns about their induction programme or their personal progress;

  • take prompt, appropriate action if an ECT appears to be having difficulties; and

  • ensure that all monitoring and record keeping is done in the most streamlined and least burdensome way, and that requests for evidence from ECTs do not require new documentation but draw on existing working documents.


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